Benvista PhotoMagic

Benvista PhotoMagic 1.3

Conjure up better photos in a flash


  • Very comprehensive photo package
  • Easy to access each application from Shortcut PhotoStudio
  • Excellent resizing and enhancement features


  • Feels a bit bloated
  • Separate applications can be slow to open


Benvista PhotoMagic is actually five photo utilities in one, designed to give you maximum control over the retouching, printing and modification of photos.

The five tools included are PhotoMagic, PhotoArtist Express, Express PhotoClean, PhotoZoom and PhotoEffect Express. The fact that the package is split into five does make it a feel a little spread-out and clumsy but everything can be opened through the central application, known as Shortcut PhotoMagic. However, this doesn't change the fact that each application does tend to take a while to open.

The five utilities together offer you a wide variety of options from drawing tools and special filters to a variety of frame templates that add a classy finish to your photos. Probably the most noteworthy feature of Benvista PhotoStudio is the way it handles zoom and resizing enhancements. There is no noticeable loss of quality in expanding an image, which is often a problem with lesser photo packages. Overexposure problems are also handled very well as is red-eye removal.

Overall, Benvista PhotoStudio is a comprehensive if somewhat spread-out and slow package that will cover just about any photo need.

Benvista PhotoMagic


Benvista PhotoMagic 1.3

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